The Ida Institute

The Ida Institute is an independent, non-profit organization with the vision to foster a better understanding of the human dynamics of hearing loss.

Together with professionals from every area of hearing care we work to make person-centered care the preferred practice in clinic settings around the world. The tools you will discover on this website are a direct result of this collaborative effort. Ida tools are developed to empower hearing care professionals to engage people with hearing loss and in so doing, better address each client's needs.

Our website is also a free and open collaborative space where we invite you to share knowledge, information and resources.

We are funded through a grant from the Oticon Foundation.

Latest news

Ida Presenting at International Tinnitus Seminar in Krakow

MON MAY 22, 2017

Ida Senior Audiologist Cherilee Rutherford will be presenting at the first World Tinnitus Congress/XII International Tinnitus Seminar in Krakow, Poland, which will be held from May 22-24.

Ida Tool Featured in Baltimore HEARS Study

TUE MAY 16, 2017

An Ida Motivation tool was used as part of a pilot study on community-delivered hearing care interventions. The Line was used as part of the study to measure hearing-related self-efficacy in participants.

Announcing the 2017 Ida Research Grant Awardees

FRI MAY 5, 2017

The Ida Institute has selected the awardees of this year’s Ida Research Grant. Three separate projects using Ida Telecare tools will be funded for work beginning September 2017. 


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Recommended features

February: Celebrating Hearing
Celebrating Hearing

Celebrating Hearing

Support World Hearing Day and raise awareness of hearing loss in your community.
August: Fit for the Future
Fit for the Future
Fit for the Future
What can you do to anticipate changes in hearing healthcare and future-proof your practice?

Vision 2020

The Big Messages on Sound and Hearing

We've been collecting videos about why sound and hearing are important. Click here to watch and share the Big Messages.



Extend your care beyond the appointment with these interactive tools.

Vision 2020

Background Information

Read the output from our Vision 2020 process and prepare yourself for the future of audiology!


Motivation Tools

Motivational Engagement

Assess client motivation and encourage people with hearing loss to take action.

Communication Partners

Work with clients to identify the most important people in their social network and to develop a shared strategy for communication.

Living Well

Living Well with Hearing Loss

Bring the client's daily life and specific needs into the appointment as you identify communication situations that are relevant and important to them.